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Angilee has helped me transform my life!!! Through her coaching and readings, she was able to see where I was holding onto past traumas as a kid, that I didn't know was still affecting me. She was able to guide me through them,  has taught me how to write down my goals, and her vision journal has changed the game.  I write down short/long term goals and review them twice a day.  The clarity I have is amazing.  If you are stuck in life and need help moving past someone or something, I highly recommend Angilee. She is magical. - Kaia Franklin
My experience working with Angie has been
nothing, but a blessing.  In February, I decided to give myself a gift of a life-coach.  Little did I know I'd be getting a life-coach, encourager, accountability partner, and also a prayer partner.  She has pushed me to limits I didn't know existed.  I now have skills to cope with triggers, know how to set boundaries, and am more forgiving.

Thank you Angie for just being YOU!
You're a true blessing to all! -Jacqui
Hmmm, where should I start? From the first
moment I even became friends with Angilee,
I knew we were locked in forever.  From the
readings she has given me that have been so
on point. She doesn't just give you readings
for your satisfaction, she lets you know there
is work to be done in order to see the progress you desire! She taught me to not
stay stuck in a place of feeling sorry for myself and to always get up, do better, and
be accountable!  Thank you Angilee for being you: open, transparent, and just real!
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