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  • Our School Planner and Manifestin' Journal is geared toward middle school/high school aged girls, tweens/teens.   It inspires teens to envision on the go, set affirmations, goals, track assignments, research collleges and careers, and journal - all in one space.


    No longer are the days of stuffing your Vision Board at the back of your closet and forgetting it's there. The Vision Journal fits right in your bookbag and allows space to paste photos, write bold statements, affirmations, action plans, or simply journal freely. This journal sparks cutesy statements and questions that get you to visualizing about your mantra for the year, goals, career or educational plans, personal statements, friendships, dreams and more.


    Journal in style. Journal creatively.

    School Planner & Manifesting Journal

    SKU: 0007
    • Paperback Notebook.

      Space for homework assignment tracking, notetaking, journaling, positive affirmations, goal setting, power statements, and pasting photos.

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