• The 2021 Vision Journal: Male Edition invites men to the journaling party, giving them space to set affirmations, goals and journal - all in one space. Men no longer have to sit in the shadows while watching women lavishly enjoy Vision Boarding parties, and newly Vision Journals. They can come along too.

    The Vision Journal fits right in your bookbag or workbag and allows space to paste photos, write bold statements, affirmations, action plans, or simply journal freely.


    This journal sparks encouraging statements and questions that get you to visualizing about your mantra for the year, financial goals, career goals, personal statements, dreams and more.


    Journal in style. Journal creatively. And more importantly, invite other men along the journey.

    Vision Journal Workbook Mens Edition

    SKU: 0002
    • Spiral bound.

      Space for journaling, positive affirmations, power statements, and pasting photos.